Fiat to Launch 4 New Cars by 2014 Including New Linea & EcoSport Rivaling Crossover

Back in December 2012, Fiat cleared their intentions that they have had enough of it as they officially announced taking control of their sales from Tata along with their upcoming product lineup for India.

Currently busy setting up a robust and reliable service dealership network, next phase will see their product onslaught. If you are unaware what is Fiat bringing to the table, let us brief you in detail. First, here is what Fiat will launch in India till 2014:

  1. Linea Classic
  2. New Linea
  3. New Punto
  4. B-Segment Crossover


Linea Classic: The first product coming from them will be the Linea Classic. This will not be a new car instead, they will rechristen¬†the existing Linea as ‘Linea Classic’ and will possibly snatch some luxury features to place it in the entry level sedan segment. There is the possibility that Fiat may also limit the variants and discontinue the higher variants which are on offer. Linea Classic will be launched by end of this year 2013.

New Linea: For all Fiat enthusiasts, 2014 is when all the fun starts. Fiat will launch the new Linea in India towards the initial part of 2014. Apart from this, new Linea will also bring with it, the much awaited 1.6L Multijet diesel engine to India. As for petrol it will get a 1.4L turbocharged mill, most probably the same from the current Linea T-JET. (Read More)

Fiat Grande Punto Limited Edition Red Front

3. Punto New Model: We will also get to see the new Punto next year in India which will bow in towards the first half of 2014. It will continue to carry the same 1.2L petrol engine and the 1.3L Multijet diesel. However, expect better performance and an improved overall car.

4. B-Segment Compact Utility Vehicle: Joining the bandwagon of the current crop of compact SUVs, Fiat will launch a new B-segment compact crossover/utility vehicle towards the second half of next year to compete against the overtly successful EcoSport and Duster. No concrete details or a confirmation is known about this car at the moment. However, it will be propelled by a 1.4L naturally aspirated petrol motor from the current Linea and the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine. (Read More)

So, 2014 is the year when Fiat will create a lot of noise and we have not even talked about their performance ‘Abarth’ branded products. The products they have listed are expected to bring them the much needed volumes. The Italian giant will continue their onslaught even after 2014 but we will talk about it sometime later. You can check the list here.

Bring it on, Fiat!

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  1. Fiat should have done all this at launch. Not providing the T-Jet at launch is unfair to all the victims who purchased the mediocre Linea at the outset.


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