If you have read our earlier article on how Ford has messed up things with EcoSport, this would just be another extension to it. If you haven’t just read our 5 stinkers on How Ford has Messed Up With EcoSport.

We, ourselves booked the 1.5L Petrol in July and cancelled the booking and went for another SUV, when the local dealer had no clue if the car will ever arrive, leave aside test drive to the customer. And, if you have booked your EcoSport you are up for a double whammy!

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Not that you have already seen a steep price hike in September, there is another one in the offing come January (which will most probably include EcoSport). And Ford’s unprofessional attitude can be seen clearly when Joginder Singh, President and Managing Director of Ford India said to Business Line,

The vehicle specification and price of your EcoSport will be applicable as prevailing on the date of invoice by the dealer to you

Simply put, despite the company’s incapability in handing over your car, it is YOU who is made the scapegoat and will have to bear another price hike. Frankly speaking, this is heights of unprofessionalism from the company. Its their incompetency because of the limited production capabilities; then why should the customer suffer (or pay)?

Further, customers who have booked their EcoSports in June and were given March-end delivery time frame may face another delay till July-August 2014.

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Mess Deepens:

Ford has shot a mailer to many waiting customers offering them an additional Rs 10,000 discount if they change their booking to the Endevour instead! Nice ploy to promote your absolutely dud seller, ain’t it!

Who, in the whole world, will switch to a small-truck which costs Rs 20-25 Lakhs from the urban city friendly car he intended to buy (which would cost just half of that!).

A very small saviour comes in the form of waiving off of cancellation charges and the dealer should be issuing complete booking amount return payment immediately.

We are really not against EcoSport in any way and frankly speaking, we are spellbound by the compact SUV Ford has on offer. Instead, it is the lack of sympathy towards its customers and absolute meddling up of the car by the management we are strongly against!

If you are also one of the long list of sufferers, do share your experience with us.

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  1. Hello Motorbash, You did great job by brining to light these stories. These kind of analysis/reports are not seen elsewhere in Indian Auto Press. I am sure that Smart Customer will make Ford bite the dust like they did to Indian brands.

  2. You are dead right my friend !!! Also kudos to Motorbash for highlighting the issues which strangely lot of media persons are not willing to speak out and have stayed mum.

  3. Looks like its the best time for Mahindra to launch the refreshed Quanto and take advantage of the opportunity created out of the Ecosport mess


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