Ford Ecosport vs Renault Duster in Pics : Part 2

As we near the official launch of Ford Ecosport in India, the fight to supremacy against Renault Duster is one of the prime aspects we are set to witness. 

Both these cars have been in a few international markets like Brazil but the market conditions and engine specs are different from what we will be offered in India. And hence, a direct relevance can not be drawn out of the box. But what we can probably compare one on one are the looks. A few days back, a Brazilian website published pics of Duster along with Ecosport.

Duster-vs-Ecosport (2)


Now, we have even better and more scintillating pics of the bitter rivals. Enjoy and decide which one triumphs the other, at least in terms of looks.

For more pics including interiors, head to the original source of these pics


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