We can’t really say if it was a domino effect triggered by the EcoSport, but as the demand for Ford’s vehicles increases globally the company looks to take its export strategy a notch higher. Despite being fettered by political instability and a crawling economic growth rate, India finds itself in the eye of the mini-storm that Ford has unleashed.

Yes, you read it right. Ford is looking to expand its territories. And its Indian operations are almost central to those plans. Not just as a market for gobbling up slapped together junk meant for the lower echelons of the economic pyramid. It will now play an increasingly important role as a hub for small vehicles.

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This comes in the backdrop of changing global economic conditions and shifting public demand. In tune with rising gas prices and belligerent currencies, the global demand for small vehicles is increasing. Ford India has been called upon to rise to the occasion and focus increasingly on exports. It is being said that vehicles manufactured by Ford India will be seen off to almost 50 global markets. To ensure this process gets completed without any bottlenecks, the manufacturing facility in Chennai will be used to the hilt. There is also another integrated manufacturing facility coming up near Tata Nano’s backyard at Sanad, Gujarat.

Two milestones were recently charted :

  • EcoSport zips past the 40,000 bookings mark
  • The celebration of the 3,00,000th Ford Figo

Ford estimates that by 2020, the clamor for small vehicles will constitute a major chunk of the global market with almost a share of 60%. It also feels that Asia-Pacific and Africa will account for almost every five out of ten cars sold in the world. There exists a deep, bottomless well. Ford India is equipped to fill that void with its products, and ensure more margins in the process.


As if to reiterate its claims of an expanding global footprint, Ford has kicked off sales of its popular crossover EcoSport in Europe with a Limited Edition model. This Limited Edition product can be purchased after getting redirected from Facebook.

Ford has strong backing behind this move. The top guns of the company feel that the EcoSport appeals to a younger and obviously more networked generation. Hence, they find it appropriate to kickstart the product through Facebook.

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Not just the Facebook sale, Ford has a slew of digital offerings to woo the younger generation. Here’s what one can find on the Limited Edition EcoSport :

  • Ford Sync AppLink System that will enable voice control of smartphone apps from the comfort of the driver’s seat
  • Free Apps from Ford’s Sync AppLink partners; one of them is 12 months of unlimited audio books download from AudioTeka to the car
  • 17-inch alloy wheels and leather upholstery

The EcoSport Limited Edition will be available in the following liveries :

  • Mars Red
  • Panther Black
  • Diamond White

The engine options are :

  • 125 PS (123 HP) 1.0 Liter EcoBoost Engine
  • 90 PS (89 HP) 1.5 Liter Diesel Engine

So, its not only in India but at the world level EcoSport is waving flags for Ford.

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