Ford India, in its bid to contribute towards social responsibility, has shared its plan of action on children’s education. It has embarked on a difficult but very important journey of imparting holistic education via its Happy Schools Initiative.

This programme has been centred to impart education in primary schools. The campaign was started earlier in September during the Global Week of Caring by Ford India.


The company understands that keeping kids in school longer will help in making the society a better place in the future. In its initial phase, the programme will focus in government primary schools in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Haryana. These states have been chosen because they are close to Ford India’s area of operation. The company plans to later on expand to other states as well. The management also intends to partner with the government to further stretch the arms of this campaign.

The company also wants to assert its commitment to the country with this venture. Working on the development of the country will definitely be beneficial for Ford in the longer run.

The company, as of November 14, 2014 has started passing on the benefits of this programme to children in 21 schools in Chennai, covering nearly 2,000 students. The programme will not only try to make the students excel academically but also work on all-round development  by well versing them in critical life skills.

Ford Happy School’s Video:





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