Ford introduced the first EcoBoost engine back in 2009 and since then 5 million cars equipped with the masterpiece have been sold. In fact, by the end of this calendar year Ford will be offering EcoBoost engines in more than 20 products in the Asia pacific region. Celebrating the concept of ‘Small but Mighty’, Ford has collaborated with 5 emerging filmmakers to make short films.

These films bring out the idea of Ford’s EcoBoost engine, to create more power you do not need a big size. Larger displacement engines consume more fuel and produce more emissions to produce the same amount of power, however the EcoBoost mills with their compact size and turbocharging can do things in a more efficient way.


The filmmakers, chosen from all around the world, try to demonstrate a moment in life of a human to bring out the idea of ‘Small but Mighty’. These short films include:

  • Soccer Prodigy
  • Small but Mighty Arms
  • Mighty Ride
  • Bite with a Kick
  • Small but Mighty Vignettes

These films can be accessed from this link.


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Ford offers only one EcoBoost engine in India, that too in only one product, the EcoSport, for reasons not known to mankind! The 1.0 litre mill produces 125 PS of maximum power at 6,000 rpm and 170 Nm of peak torque in the range of 1,400 to 4,500 rpm and it is the best motor in the EcoSport family! This three-cylinder engine has the highest power per liter in any of the Ford’s production engine lineup.




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