Geneva Auto Show- Brief of launches 3

Alright, so now let’s talk about European manufacturers, specially my favorite, Dacia. But let’s start with Volkswagen Polo BlueGT.

I hope yo remember our post by Arghya Pan mentioning some features of this car specially the ‘ACT’ of Volkswagen first time in the world on a so small engine measuring 1.4 litres in volume shod with a turbo and the 4 in-line cylinders being fed petrol, pumps out 140 PS! Well, the engine is named as EA211 and all the cars from Volkswagen, all the models will have the same series of engines, and please, don’t bring NFS and Electronic Arts in here. Anyway, with a 7 speed DSG ‘box and 17 inch rims, this goes well upto 210 kilometers/hr! Well the sprint timing for 0-100 kph are 7.9 seconds! hair diameter quick than 8.0!

The ACT has helped increase the mileage by some 1 litre per 100 kilometers if driven strictly at 50 kph mark. That’s a good news for Indians but mind the fact that one can’t drive it at or below 50 kph constantly no matter where he/she lives. Still, a minimum of 0.4 litres can be saved anyhow per 100 kilometers.

So the changes, well Volkswagen has clearly made this one to stand out among other Polos with the following visible changes:
> ‘GT’ badges up front and rear.
> Rear Bumper with integrated diffuser.
> LED Lamps.
> Black colored front grille and ORVM covers.
> 17 inch alloys.
> And a lowered front suspension set-up.

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