Here is Nissan’s Duster, Officially Revealed as Terrano! Coming This Year!

Nissan did not take much time in officially revealing the name and a quick sketch of their next offering in India- the Terrano. Nissan also cleared that this compact SUV is, indeed, coming this year to our shores.

Essentially a Duster from underneath, Nissan’s Terrano will be a more premium compact SUV in the market. From the official first sketch released by the company, Terrano does look different from Duster from the front and comes with a completely different face.


While we are unsure about its rear, it carries forward the flaring arches of Duster. Alloy wheels are also different and snazzy. The front bonnet is also bulbous and have more prominent creases and flowing lines. The headlamps are also sharper and more swooping-back.

While the Renault Duster comes with a 1.6L petrol motor and the 1.5L K9K diesel engine in 85PS and 110PS tunes, it will be interesting to see what options will Nissan chose. Will the restrict it to the 110PS version only (highly unlikely) or will it offer the Terrano in all the three options.

Nissan also said that Terrano will be manufactured at their Oragadam plant in Chennai which also manufactures the Renault’s Duster as well as the Dacia Duster for international markets. Nissan says that Terrano will be launched within this 2013 financial year, which means we should be seeing it in our neighborhood showrooms within 9 months from now at max.

Renault Duster
Renault Duster

An ideal time for Nissan to launch Terrano would be somewhere around the festive season that is when the buying sentiments of an average Indian are high. Nissan understands the fact that Terrano will be a real important product for them and hence we see this hype-building teaser sketch well before its launch.

The major gripe, according to the latest speculations, is that Terrano will be priced higher than Duster and this also gets revealed when we see the press release which mentions ‘Premium’ a number of times. We hope Nissan does a true justification of the increase in price by offering some features that Duster misses. And then how about a 4X4 Terrano Nissan?

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