2017 Santro Spyshots are a HOAX!

Recent spyshots claimed to be the 2017 Santro are hoax, we tell you which car is it…

I grew up in a sleepy town at the foothills of Dehradun and Hyundai Santro was one of the mainstay cars in terms of private vehicles. The Padminis were becoming archaic and the M800s were too boring. The fresh tall boy Santro actually taught everyone to aspire for more. Yes, the car was basic, in fact extremely utilitarian in today’s terms but we are talking about the initial 2000s or earlier…

I still fail to digest that Hyundai discontinued a car which was selling pretty decently despite any real promotion. Common sense predicts that it will make a comeback but not this way…..

Very recently, you may have seen a couple of spyshots of cars which are claimed to be the 2017 Santro under test! Here are they, sourced from Carblogindia.com, credited to a Facebook page Rupchik Jokes.

New Santro Pics Hoax (1)

New Santro Pics Hoax (2)

I had my reservations and something appeared amiss and finally I landed upon this post on TeamBHP which shares the original pics and busts the hoax! The car in the first picture is the Proton Iriz (most probably preparing for its crash test) intentionally cropped and the brand moniker at the nose blackened. Here is the complete picture…

2014 Proton Iriz
Source – TW.Gigacircle.com

The second picture which has been doing rounds is again a test mule of Proton Iriz snapped on Malaysian roads (not in India) and that too sometime in February 2014. Here is the original image sourced from WeMotor.


And if you are curious to know how does the real car, Proton Iriz looks in its latest avatar, here is its studio shot…

Proton Iriz

So, knowingly or unknowingly, old spyshots of a product, which doesn’t have anything to do with India were incorrectly claimed and promoted as the new 2017 Santro.

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Hyundai Santro is expected to make a comeback but not in the near future and in fact, we do not expect its spyshots to surface anytime soon.

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