Hyundai to Launch Next-Gen i10 in India in September This Year

Hyundai is testing their next-gen i10 in Chennai and surrounding areas and the car has been caught innumerable times on our roads. 

However, despite the frequent spottings, we do not have any clear picture of the car which means that nobody knows how will the car look like since it is running all hidden. Hyundai will unveil this radically different and slightly bigger i10 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September this year and there were humble expectations of it making to our shores shortly thereafter.

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In a recent development, answering to a tweet, Autocar India Editor, Hormazd Sorabjee has revealed that Next-Gen i10 is coming to us in the month of September 2013. Hyundai started testing the next-gen i10 in India and international markets simultaneously. And a launch in India just around the official unveiling is very much possible.

Next-Gen i10 is not expected to completely replace the current i10. According to reports, it will sit between the current i10 and i20 in India. There are possibilities of the existing i10 to be trimmed off some of its higher variants (and possibly the 1.2L petrol motor as well). (Read more details)

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However, the talk of the town is the introduction of diesel in i10. Yes, Next-Gen i10 will come with the smallest yet, 1.1L CRDI diesel motor along with the 1.2L Kappa2 petrol which does duty on the current i10. Hyundai would definitely want to capitalize on the brighter buying moods of general customers during the festive season.

Check Out Clear Spyshots of Next-Gen i10


Source: Hormazd @ Twitter

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