Interesting: Spotted a Tata S-Power Vista 90; Now What’s That?

Only a few days back, we spotted a conclusive ‘CR4’ Indica Vista and now this interesting mule of Vista passes by us. However, more than talking about the actual car we would be found asking you about the possibilities in this article.

Have a look at the Vista below. At a casual glance it looks like the normal Vista with proper registered number plates roaming around casually. We also thought the same until we noticed some interesting bits. Looking at it more closely makes us a little skeptical and many questions arise in our minds.


  • It sports a different Vista 90 decal. Normal Vista Safire 90PS  has a ‘Safire90’ decal which sits at the right hand side.
  • There is no ‘Indica’ tag anywhere
  • It also has a mysterious ‘SPOWER‘ decal towards the right
  • It has a ticker at the top which reads “TATA MOTORS – CVBU”

Now, the reason for all the confusion is that ‘SPOWER‘ decal at the right. Had that “Tata Motors – CVBU” (which stands for Commercial Vehicles Business Unit) ticker not been there we would have happily thought it might be an after-market sticker from any owner.


But the presence of another (red plated) Quadrajet Tata Indica Vista (see pic above) and that ticker ensure that these are actually Tata Motors’ cars.

Now, we know that Tata unveiled a concept car called as Vista Sport “Concept S2” at this year’s Auto Expo which Tata claimed to produce 140PS of power output. You can check its pic below.


Definitely this mule we caught looks like a normal Vista and far from this concept S2. But that’s the only thing we can relate to with that ‘S’ of ‘SPower’ decal. There are a few directions we are thinking upon..

  1. Is Tata preparing to bring the Auto Expo concept S2 to production (which was already production-close looker).
  2. Notice the omission of ‘Indica’ tag. Is Tata readying the Vista for a life sans that ‘Indica’ tag, and need we say, finally?

And yes, this doesn’t appear to be Quadrajet90 to us. If you have any clues about this, do share with us in the comments section below.




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