Suddenly V-Cross Becomes Cheaper by 1.78 Lakhs as Road Tax Slashed on All Isuzu Vehicles in AP

Isuzu Road Tax Waive Off in Andhra Pradesh is massive news for if you are an Andhraite!

If you live in Andhra Pradesh and intend to buy the V-Cross or any other Isuzu vehicle, then there is a big news for you through which you can save some real good amount of money by doing literally nothing and its for five years…

Andhra Pradesh government has slashed off the payment of Motor Vehicle Tax on all Isuzu passenger and commercial vehicles and it is already in effect. This includes the following Isuzu vehicles

  • D-Max (single cab)
  • D-Max S-Cab
  • V-Cross Adventure Utility Vehicle
  • MU-7 (though its not listed in the official release)

The government has slashed the following road-taxes..

For Passenger Vehicles: 14% (or relevant) of invoice value paid as one time life Tax

For Commercial Pick-up Trucks: Quarterly Road Tax (Rs.800/- per quarter or relevant) paid during the life of the vehicles.

So, on the V-Cross, in simple calculation, you can save whopping 1.78 Lakhs as a waiver of road tax in Vishakhapatnam (ex-showroom price 12.75 Lakhs). Similarly, you can calculate the savings on commercial D-Max pick-up trucks as well.

This scheme is valid from 18th November till 31st March 2021 for vehicles which are purchased within Andhra Pradesh. At present Isuzu has three operating dealers in the state…

  • Mahavir Isuzu, Vishakhapatnam
  • Mahavir Suzuki, Rajahmundry
  • RKE Isuzu, Tirupati

Interestingly, this waiver is applicable on the upcoming vehicle launches from Isuzu as well which means the Fortuner-rival MU-X, which the company has started testing in India, will also get the benefit and we can already sniff ‘aggression’ in the D2 SUV segment!

Road tax waiver will be applicable for this upcoming MU-X SUV as well

We give it to the Andhra Pradesh government for taking this step to promote a manufacturer who has a manufacturing base there and also to attract more investments in the future. And suddenly, the V-Cross looks so much more lovely to me now…

Quick Summary:

  • Andhra government slashes road tax on all Isuzu vehicles which will be sold within the state till 31st March 2021.
  • Applicable on D-Max pick-up commercial range as well as V-Cross passenger pick-up.
  • Through this Isuzu road tax waive off you can save about Rs 1.78 Lakhs on V-Cross
  • This will also be applicable on the upcoming launches from the company including the MU-X which was caught testing recently.
  • This is a brave step in order to promote local manufacturing and invite interests from other manufacturers…

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