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MotorBash is a very new blog which we have started a to provide an honest, timely and genuine information about all the happenings around the automotive industry in the world.

As a part of the exercise we are looking out for people who want to join our team as Freelance Contributors:

Currently we are looking out for:



– All you need is a immense passion towards automobiles
– Decent English writing skills. Remember you need not be the Shakespeare of literature.
– We would prefer people in colleges, however, its not a mandate!


Your takeaways being a part of Team MotorBash:

– Recognition
– An opportunity to earn while you learn!
– Most appropriate way to fulfill your appetite towards your passion
– You might get to test drive automobiles before everyone else


So, what is the wait for?

Shoot an e-mail rightaway to MOTORBASH@GMAIL.COM citing your interest and we would talk further…


Saad Khan
Editor MotorBash


The brain behind MotorBash - an auto-nut!

    I would love to contribute but i only get time at weekends 😛 However, one thing I’m confused about is, though u have a BIKEADVICE link here, you don’t have a MOTORBASH link on bikeadvice .com :O Infact I came here via!