Lets Talk About Ford EcoSport Through Pictures [44 Pic Gallery]

So for all those who missed the actual look and feel of the most awaited launch for this year, Ford EcoSport, we present to you these bucket loads of pics along with a few details which will fulfill the deficit. 


These pics are coming right from the Inorbit Mall of Pune where Ford had kept EcoSport on display during their Urban Discoveries Promotional Campaign. I checked out the compact SUV and was dearly impressed by what was heading our way. Let’s take a first look at the car.

Ford EcoSport in Pictures:

1.This was the 1.0L Ecoboost petrol variant on display and was the loaded Titanium trim. These two are stickered at the rear-right of EcoSport.


2. We all already know, EcoSport comes with a rear-mounted spare tyre to add to its SUV-like looks. In this display car it doesn’t have a cover. For this higher variant it looks cool with those alloys, but how will the normal steel rims look exposed?


3. Notice the small black dot in that chrome. That is the rear hatch opener button neatly tucked in the right side rear tail lamp cluster. That chrome shroud is also a door grab handle to open the hatch.


4. The Ford moniker and EcoSport decal are at the left side of the spare wheel. Also notice the reflectors at the thinner rear bumper.


5. The rear door opens up towards the left, this hydraulic rod is bolted to the rear bumper at the bottom. Not any kind of hindrance at all.


6. Notice the significant curve-in of the rear hatch. This wee bit of additional space will definitely help you in cases when its just that extra required. Smart!


7. Fairly decent trunk space of 346 liters. That is greater than all the hatchbacks and Dzire and is slightly lesser than Jazz’s 366 liters. The seats also have 60:40 split functionality to increase the space to 560 liters of flat bed. The original trunk space is lesser than Duster’s 475 liters but understandably so!


8. Roof rails with hooks ready.


9. Notice the irregularities and color peeling. This firms our belief that these are pre-production models which the company is keeping on display. We hope these are ironed out in the final production models.


10. Though its not very evident from the pic, but the body colored door handles are at least two tone different from the standard Red Mars color on this EcoSport.


11. The front of EcoSport is the major attraction. EcoSport is possibly the only car in recent history that comes pretty close to the original concept it was shown in. You can see chrome running all along the face of the car – on the grille, large air dam and fog lamps. Lower variants will see lesser of it.


12. Front console with silver ascents and butterfly like button designs. It is hugely inspired from Fiesta. Open the pic and you can see the number of options you have here.


13. Trapezoidal side AC vents with silver outline. They do not close fully and appeared flimsy to touch and operate. In fact they were loose and at the top fan speed might just fly around. This might be because of the abuse they have been put to by the inquisitive customers.


14. Rounded AC knobs in black color. Look real good in dark. However, look at the grey colored plastic joining it. Doesn’t gel majorly because of the quality used here.


15. The silver top gear knob. This EcoBoost petrol and the 1.5L diesel will come with a 5-speed manual transmission whereas the 1.5L petrol EcoSport will get the 6-speed Automatic gearbox.


16. The decently spaced glovebox. In fact there are two gloveboxes inside – One for your regular stuff and the other one for important papers etc.

This pic also gives a fairly decent idea of the plastic quality.


17. Here is a side view of the dashboard. It looks fantastic and futuristic with all its flowing curves and instrumentation buttons and knobs. The steering (with tilt functionality) also gets a few controls and feels good to hold.


18. The silver embellishment looks cool but was real let down in quality. It was making noise as I held onto it.


19. Rear leg space is not in plenty as expected. In fact the complete interior space is about the size of a bigger hatchback. However, Ford has done a really good job of managing the space with the 4 meter limitation they had to build this EcoSport in. Ford-EcoSport-EcoBoost-Titanium_30

20. Seat material quality is really good and the red stitches add to the sporty quotient. The rear bench is laid a few degrees more than a few cars around this segment.


21. A pic of the ribbed roof with roof rails running across.


22. And this is how the innocent EcoSport was surrounded by real interested souls out there. The generic word out there was – “Mast gaadi ha” as far as I could hear out with a few grumbling for space.


23. It seems India will get MRF ZV2K tyres. EcoSport has a 200mm ground clearance and a claimed 550mm water wading capability giving it credentials of a good on-off road car.


Ford wanted a mass reach of the EcoSport and intends to build a huge hype for the car which they are promoting as Urban SUV. True to its promotional campaign, EcoSport has all the potential to make a roaring success in India. There are all the posibilities of Ford pricing it to perfection. While the launch dates have not been officially announced but it should happen in a couple of months max.

Here is a 48 Pic Gallery of Ford EcoSport, Enjoy!

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  1. Nice car with all great features. I have book today the diesel titanium optional and will get it within three months….


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