MotorBash Xylo 4x4 Testing

We managed to catch this Mahindra Xylo testing yesterday. This MUV was caught at the Pune bypass road entering a diesel bunk to tank-up. At first, nothing looked very different and the biggest surprise was that this was the older model which has been just discontinued.

MotorBash Xylo 4x4 Testing

On careful observation, the following points seemed worth-noting

  • – The alloys were different from any model offered
  • – The hubcaps mentioned ‘4WD’ (4 wheel Drive)


However, there are two questions which left us confused.

  1. Why is Mahindra testing the 4WD in the old model.

The only conclusion we can draw from this is that the new face-lift adorns changes which are more or less cosmetic.

2. Why 4WD for India?

This question because introducing the 4 wheel drive would take the price of Xylo way beyond what level of product it is perceived to be. The reason what we can think of is that Mahindra might be developing this ‘more’ for the foreign market rather than the Indian market.

But one thing we liked the design of the alloys. Suggest Mahindra to get them to the current production version as well.

Let us wait and see if there is anything up Mahindra’s sleeves!




Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash




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