Mercedes Working on a 7-Seater B-Class Sports MPV

The upcoming and the cheapest Mercedes in India is the B-Class Sports tourer which was unveiled on 19th July. Mercedes is preparing launching it in India pretty soon.

The current Sports Tourer B-Class is a 5-seater car with bucket loads of space inside. However, in the International markets this is proving to be a kind of a limitation against its rivals. And hence, Mercedes is building a 7-Seater version of the car to give it a better shot at the competition.


B-Class is based on Mercedes MFA platform which is expected to be stretched a little for the extra 2 seats. Engine ranges are expected to be the same 1.6 and 1.8L motors; there could be possible tuning differences to enable it to take more load.

Mercedes is expected to launch the 7 seater B-Class at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. 

Indians have strong penchant towards cars that enhance utility. Even if Mercedes B-Class targets buyers from the premium segment, a 7 seater version would be well-received, if and when Mercedes decides to launch it in India. After the B-Class, Mercedes is expected to launch the smallest car to complete the lineup- A-Class in India sometime in 2013.


Source: Autobild 

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