Nissan launched Evalia with a lot of hope and high expectations, however, it failed to make any kind of impact to Nissan India’s fortunes.

Even at a launch price of around 8.5 lakhs, Nissan’s ‘people mover’ seemed a decent alternative to the extremely pricier Toyota Innova. However, when compared with Maruti’s Ertiga and Chevrolet’s Enjoy, Evalia seems to be a tad too expensive. With sales of less than 1000 units in the last six months, customers have written it hard and fine – Evalia is a dud!

Nissan_Evalia_Pics (19)

MotorBash first busted the peek into the fact that Nissan is preparing a revised Evalia through spyshots we shared in February this year. And now, we come across this..


Nissan India has updated at their official Twitter page that their Evalia is available at a special price tag of Rs 7.99 Lakhs. No more details have been revealed. Considering these as Delhi ex-showroom prices, they are approximately Rs 70,000 less than Rs 8.7 Lakh the XE variant of Evalia is listed at Nissan’s official site.

We contacted a local dealership in Pune to know about any details. However, they did not have any information on the offer what so ever. The prices that they shared with us listed the ex-showroom price of XE as same Rs 8.7 Lakh.

With no official press statement, no price update on their official site and no information available with the dealers, we are unsure what special prices is Nissan talking about!

It is another case of gross miscommunication between various sales and marketing channels. The least Nissan could have done is inform the dealers about this ‘Special Price’. This adds to a really bad first impression and might do a lot of bad rather than any good the company might be hoping for.

These are the Evalia spyshots we caught back in February. Click pic for more details

If there exists any real special price Evalia, then this may help it gain some volumes and it might just be an inventory clearance sale from Nissan before the refreshed Evalia makes way into the market sometime around the festive season.

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