Nissan has started dispatching its Terranos to dealerships, thus throwing up possibilities about the revealing of the price list very soon. It had been earlier speculated that the commercial launch of the first compact SUV from Nissan Terrano may take place on the 9th of October. It seems we are very much on track!!Terrano-at-dealership

The picture above is that of a Terrano at a Nissan dealership. It was put up by Nissan India at their official Twitter page. The snap shows the robust engine grille of the Nissan Terrano  in all its brawny glory. Ready to grind the competitors to dust, eh??

Terrano is a badge-engineered product arising from the Nissan-Renault alliance. Apart from the front grille, quite a few components are shared along with its sibling, the Renault Duster. However, Terrano appears to be a more streamlined-avatar of the blunt, brawny Renault Duster. Terrano also runs astride on more premium looking alloy wheels  as compared to the Duster and comes with slightly better interiors.

Nissan-Terrano-Unveiling-Pics (31)

To justify the speculated higher price tag as compared to the Renault Duster, it comes loaded with more beige. The central part of the dashboard has undergone a wee bit of change, with oblong air-conditioning vents replacing the circular ones found on the Renault Duster. There is a small storage space above them too. A lot of shiny accent has invaded the Terrano’s interiors. Chrome lines the oblong air-conditioning vents, and there is a silver finish to the panel just beneath it.

Terrano shares its engines with Duster in the same configuration and specs. The question then is, will you buy Terrano for a price which might just be a little higher than the already overpriced Duster?

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