Not a Single Scala Produced Since Sep 14; Pulse Since Nov 14! Sales Figures & Quick Analysis

Renault India’s success story rests primarily on the shoulders of their best-selling compact SUV Duster. The rebadged Dacia product usually comprises of almost their entire sales volumes every month!

And this also means that none of their other products have clicked. The list includes the hatchback Pulse and mid-size sedan Scala which have failed to get the desired response from the market and a few stories circulating over the internet which claim that Renault has stopped their production, caught our attention!

After reading these, we head back to the official SIAM monthly sales reports to verify their authenticity and it is indeed true that the company is not producing them! For the records, Renault has NOT produced a single unit of Scala from September 2014 while the Pulse has not been produced since November 2014.


October 2014 was the last month when Renault produced 59 units of their Pulse hatchback (In Sep, 46 Pulses were produced). Production of Scala sedan has been put on hold since September 2014 which means we have not had a single Scala produced within the last 5 months!

Scala & Pulse Sales

A look at the sales figures of these two Renault products also do not reveal a very bright story. The Pulse hatch has been selling in triple digits till December but its January sales have hit a big zero. Sibling Scala is also in tatters and in January 2015 the French car maker managed to sell just 74 units of this C-segment sedan.


Let us have a look at the cumulative sales of both these cars. From April to January Renault has sold just 1,177 units of Scala and, to give you a perspective, only the Indigo + Manza have fared worse than this (in the 4+ meter sedan segment). On the other hand, only 1,646 units of their Pulse have found homes and only the Mahindra Verito Vibe has a figure lower than this in this segment.

It doesn’t appear to us at this point that Renault will completely discontinue these cars from India and this is a temporary halt to clear backlogs and possible hints that their facelifts may be coming out in sometime. But what is certain is that, apart from a handful of selective cars, Indians have NOT accepted the badge-engineering concept very well.

Renault has the Lodgy and XBA small car planned for India in the coming months…

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4 thoughts on “Not a Single Scala Produced Since Sep 14; Pulse Since Nov 14! Sales Figures & Quick Analysis”

  1. Farewell to the little beauty Pulse.. very gud one but price were a bit high thats why they failed to get the required oxygen to survive.

    Love u Plse. :))

  2. Pulse is with a 64ps engine. Though the torque is gud it lacked the punch. It badly needed that 85ps engine or atleast tuned up to 75. When ur pitting anythg against swift u wil hve to ensure it doesnt have even one defeating point. I luv pulse for its looks!!


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