The world that we know is changing towards entropy at an exponential pace. The life source of auto junkies, crude oil, is diminishing rapidly. Now till we become savvy enough to run our cars on bio waste like Professor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, we have to think of some other way to fuel our cars. We have to not just conserve our fuel but also search for more alternate ways to propel our cars. Audi has recently announced a significant breakthrough which has the potential to bring back the smile to millions of faces around the world.

In an active collaboration with Global Bioenergies, the German manufacturer has made the first batch of Audi e-benzin. Now what in the name of Merlin’s beard is that?

Audi e-benzin

Audi e-benzin is a 100 per cent, synthetically produced iso-octane with an octane rating of RON 100! Also it burns in a clean manner as it has no contamination of sulphur or benzene. The newly developed high grade fuel will allow engines to run at high compression ratios to churn out the maximum fuel efficiency. While all this seems like stuff out of a science fiction book, the company intends to take things a step further ahead by aiming to modify the process so that it requires no biomass, but only water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and sunlight.


The journey of e-benzin at present starts from renewable raw materials rather than crude oil and is transformed into iso butane. This gaseous iso butane is then converted to liquid iso octane using hydrogen. The collaboration wants to begin production of e-benzin in larger quantities by 2016.



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