Fiat Grande Punto Limited Edition Red Front

Fiat is making its moves. After taking over complete control of its sales from Tata, the Italian giant is getting aggressive and serious with its Indian operations. They are on an exclusive dealership launching spree and has ambitious targets set for themselves.

On the product front, Fiat has very recently launched slightly refreshed versions of their Punto and Linea and have officially shared their plan for the coming 3 years. That apart, what caught our eye today was an advertisement of Fiat Punto! With big bold font, it read “Punto Diesel available at Rs 4.99 Lacs*“.

Fiat Grande Punto Limited Edition Red Front

A quick call to the dealership cleared the air and the breakup of the discounts. So, here are the details:

Fiat’s dealerships are providing a discount of approximately Rs 60,000 on their base diesel Active model. The only (big) catch here is that you will have to settle for a 2012 made Punto. Here is the breakup:

2012 Fiat Punto Offer Breakup:

  • Free Insurance
  • Gift Cheque of Rs 22,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs 20,000
  • Corporate Discount

You get 2 years of warranty with 2012 Punto. The current on-road price of 2012 Fiat Punto Active is Rs 6.51 and after these discount, it will cost you somewhere close to Rs 5.8 Lakh on road in Pune!

And if you do not want to compromise, here are the offer details on the 2013 Puntos:

2013 Punto (Before Refresh from Jan-April)

  • Insurance at 5000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs 15000

And for the latest refreshed Punto, we were told that you only get 15 month roadside assistance for free! Also, a 3 year warranty comes as standard on the new 2013 Punto. A few grands extra for your haggling and convincing tactics. You can also avail hefty discounts and offers on Punto Sport 90HP and Linea.

If you are unaware then, let us tell you that Fiat is preparing a new Punto for next year. According to an official confirmation, Fiat has revealed that they will launch an all-new model Punto towards the first half of next year.

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