Polo Facelift Coming in May 2014; 1.5L Diesel Mill To Debut

Polo is one of the main seller for Volkswagen in India and has been in the market for sometime. AutoCar India reports that Volkswagen will launch facelifted Polo in May next year.

Polo Facelift 2014

The Polo looks every bit of a muscular hatch with its absolutely smart looks. The proportions appear healthy, and the posture unassuming. It isn’t overtly gaudy, yet it isn’t boring to look at. The clean lines and sculpted profile put together a timeless look.

Hence, we have the Polo facelift coming in 2014 without any major exterior changes. Yes, you read it right !!

Facelifted Polo Exterior Changes

Not much!! Just a retweaked bumper as well as newer headlights are all we can safely expect. The changes thus won’t be major enough to help you differentiate the facelifted Polo easily from the current version.

Current Polo GT TSI

Facelifted Polo Interior Changes

It is expected that the facelifted Polo will come with newer interiors. They might come with more and much better equipments as well as upholstery.

Facelifted Polo Powerplant Options

This is the area where radical changes are expected. Volkswagen has a 1.5 Litre Diesel mill, which is actually a re-sculpted version of the 1.6 L TDI motor of the Vento.

It is said that this mill will make its debut on the facelifted Polo. This also makes sense since the new engine will make the Polo eligible for excise benefits, as the engine displaces less than 1500 cc.

AutoCar India also says that the engine will be available in two states of tune.

  • 66 kW (89 bhp)
  • 77 kW (104 bhp)

The 89 bhp version will push forward the Polo. The 104 bhp tune will do duty on the Vento saloon as well as the Polo GT TDI.

Polo is a real good hatchback marred only by its impotent 3 cylinder mills. With the introduction of a proper 4 cylinder more powerful diesel motor, Polo will be the hatch of the town for sure!

Bring it on Volkswagen!

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