To cater to the crowd’s demands for more spunk, European behemoth Volkswagen has ushered in its Polo GT TDI. It is tipped to be the most powerful diesel hatchback in its segment.

The launch comes close on the heels of the Polo GT TSI unveiling. Both are part of the more adrenaline-surging lineup. The exterior cocoon of the Polo GT TDI is almost similar to the one on the GT TSI.


There are a few differentiating elements, though. There is a badge screaming TDI on the rear gate. One can also spot GT badges on the front grille as well as the hatch door. The Polo GT TDI is provided with the similar 15-inch “Estrada” alloy wheels found on the Highline variants of the Polo.

There are three options on the palette to choose an exterior colour. They are :

  • Candy White
  • Flash Red
  • Deep Black Pearl

Step inside the Polo GT TDI, and a feeling of déja vu will take over. The interiors are quite similar to those of the Polo GT TSI, with catchy chrome accents and regal black-grey upholstery. Volkswagen has christened it ‘Milan‘ upholstery.

Aluminium pedals add a touch of sheen, and class as well. Contrasting scheme of stitching is employed to make things look peppy. To add a dash of opulence, we aldo get a layer of leather on the steering wheel along with the gear knob and the handbrake lever as well.

However, that’s not where things even start.

The drool-worthy factor lies beneath the hood, ready to push you back to the seats as you floor the pedal to the metal. It is a 1.6 Litre TDI Diesel mill that pushes forward the Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid sedans.

Specifications wise, the engine is capable of a worthy feat of 105 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 5-Speed Manual tranny. Volkswagen claims that the performance levels should be higher than expected as the Polo GT TDI tips the scales 90 kilos less than the usual figures.

The Polo GT TDI is a culmination of cutting edge technology. Despite all the stub-nosed enthusiasm. of the diesel mill, it is very efficient at 19.7 kilometres per litre.

Volkswagen also struts around with a few more interesting facts :

  • 100% Galvanised Steel Body
  • Laser Welded Roof
  • 11-Stage Paint Process

Are you heading for a test drive??




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