Price Comparison: New Honda City with Hyundai Verna

So, the cat is out of the  box and Honda has officially announced prices of its New Honda City in an event today. With this, the comparison game begins between the former segment leader and current highest seller Hyundai Verna.

We share the quick price comparison of the New City with Verna. Read On..

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Engine & Variants

Hyundai offers its Verna in 4 engine options – 1.4L & 1.6L petrol and 1.4L & 1.6L diesel. Both the 1.6L petrol and diesel engines are offered in manual and automatic transmission options. In terms of engine specs the 1.4L petrol produces 107PS, 1.6L produces 123PS of power output. 1.4L diesel churns out 90PS and the bigger 1.6L diesel returns 128PS of maximum power.

On the other hand, new City is offered in 2 engine options and for the first time ever in a diesel. It gets 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine which churns out 119PS of peak power and 145Nm of maximum torque. The 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine is a straight lift from the Amaze and pumps out 100PS of power output and 200Nm of torque.

Total variants on offer

  • Verna: 13
  • New City: 12

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Price Comparison New Honda City vs Hyundai Verna

Here is a list of all the variants that both companies have on offer along with their respective prices:

  Hyundai Verna New Honda City
Petrol 1.4 MT GL 7.4 Lac 1.5 E MT 7.42 Lac
1.5 S MT 8.04 Lac
1.6 MT EX 8.32 Lac 1.5 SV MT 8.49 Lac
1.6 MT SX 8.82 Lac 1.5 V MT 8.99 Lac
1.6 MT SX(O) 9.64 Lac 1.5 VX MT 9.93 Lac
1.6 AT EX 9.05 Lac 1.5 SV AT 9.49 Lac
1.6 AT SX(O) 10.37 Lac 1.5 VX AT 10.98 Lac
Diesel 1.4 MT GL 8.62 Lac 1.5 E MT 8.62 Lac
1.4 MT EX 9.39 Lac 1.5 S MT 9.24 Lac
1.6 MT EX 9.64 Lac 1.5 SV MT 9.66 Lac
1.6 MT SX 9.99 Lac 1.5 V MT 10.16 Lac
1.6 MT SX(O) 10.96 Lac 1.5 VX MT 11.10 Lac
1.6 AT EX 10.37 Lac
1.6 AT SX(O) 11.69 Lac

*All Prices ex-showroom Delhi

A quick analysis shows that Honda has benchmarked Verna’s figures before deciding City’s prices and are equally matched. This is in sharp contrast to Honda’s earlier belief of extracting premium for its brand. Here are a few quick ones:

  • Honda doesn’t have a diesel automatic which the Verna has
  • For petrol, you can get as many as two variants of City before the Verna 1.6L petrol’s prices start.
  • Honda’s top of the line CVT City commands a hefty premium and costs ~11 Lakhs ex-showroom. It is more than 60,000 costlier than Verna 1.6 AT SX(O).
  • Entry level variants of New City (E & S) are priced almost on similar levels as the Verna 1.4L diesels.
  • On the contrary, the top of the line diesel manuals are priced at a slight premium than Verna 1.6s

There is a lot which goes between the lines here. While one scores on power, the other scores on fuel efficiency and brand value. We let you decide which one will you consider going for. And if you have time in hand, do consider waiting for these upcoming C-segment sedans.

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