Price Comparo: New Swift vs i20 vs Figo vs Punto vs Polo

The new Swift might not have added a great deal at the cosmetic front, but it is very much expected to keep clocking great numbers just as the outgoing version did, or probably even more!

The competition, no matter how good or bad they are, none has ever been able to come close to the Swift in terms of sales. With the new Swift, Maruti has ensured it keeps a leg up against competition, by providing more features at minor price increments.

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But, the question is, how does the new Swift with a price increase stand up against the competition. Here is a look

New Swift vs Figo vs Polo vs Punto Evo vs i20: Price Comparo

So, where does the Swift stand in front of the competition in the B-segment hatchback segment. Here is a price comparo.



Quick Analysis:

  • The Ford Figo, which is due for a replacement sometime next year, is the cheapest petrol and diesel alternate you have, but is old and outdated. You can easily neglect its petrol version, however Figo diesel is a nice little VFM package.
  • Barring Figo, its the Swift which has the cheapest entry price tag for the petrol version. Polo and i20 are the costliest to own, however, do remember that even the basic variants of Polo come equipped with airbags.
  • In terms of top petrol variants also Swift’s ZXI is the most affordable, followed by Polo, i20 and Punto EVO (which gets a 1.4L engine).
  • For diesel engines, Punto EVO starts the earliest (apart from Figo), followed by Swift at the second cheapest entry price tag.
  • Both Polo and i20 breach the 6 Lakh price tag for the entry variants.
  • For the top of the line diesel models, Punto EVO is terrific, followed by Swift. Polo and i20 again breach the 7 Lakh mark.


Figo diesel as we said is a VFM car but is clearly outdated. It would be apt to compare the Next-Gen Figo with these cars. Among the other four, Maruti has cleverly placed its Swift and despite the hike, it remains luring. The new Punto EVO is also very well priced. Polo and the new gorgeous-looker i20 sit at the pinnacle in terms of pricing.

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