Steps to Renew Expired Bike Insurance Policy

Expired bike insurance renewal can get tricky. Here are some steps to follow to renew your expired bike insurance policy.

Nowadays, it is advisable to be smart in every walk of life. Online renewal of your bike insurance is quick and a hassle free process.

The step wise renewal would appear something as follows:

  1. Go to the company’s website and choose your bike insurance policy.
  2. Keep your old policy details in hand.

Click on the renewal option and carefully fill in all the existing policy details.

  • Have your payment options ready for online payments.
  • Please go through all the information on the confirmation screen very carefully before confirming.
  • A PDF file will then be generated. This contains a digital signature; hence, it does not require any other manual signature.
  • Save your documents securely and keep a printout copy while riding.

It is that simple.

bike insurance renewal

Here comes the frightening part. If we are unlucky and happen to have an unforeseen accident after the lapse of our bike insurance renewal, we have nothing covered. The insurance company is not at all liable for anything whatsoever. All the damages will have to be taken care of from our own pockets. And we, human beings, are not very happy to pay for things unnecessarily from our hard earned money.

You could also visit a local office of your preferred bike insurance company:

  1. All the previous policy details must be taken with you. This will be required as ready reference for the renewals.
  2. Fill in an application form and pay your premium amount by cash or cheque. Your signature will be needed.
  3. The insurance will be active after 3 days of payment received by the insurance company. This is called a “break-in case”. Hence it’s more like a new policy with no bonus benefit in the first year since there is no continuity.

It is best to renew your policy before it expires so that it gives you the continuity, bonuses and discounts that come with it. Your expired bike insurance policy may also be subject to inspection charges upon renewal and a lot of paper work.

You can have your insurance agent remind you of your approaching expiry date which could be a big help to avoid all unpleasant hassles and stress. Peace of mind and happiness is all that we strive for in our lives. Ride safe, have your insurance policies in place and enjoy the wind caress you without a care in the world.

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