Revealed: Many Spy Pics & Lot of Details Trickle in About Honda Brio Sedan; Thailand Launch Next Month

We are as eagerly waiting for Brio Sedan as you all must be. The simple reason is that, it would carry the first diesel engine from Honda in India.


Hence, we are keeping a vigilant eye on Thailand since Honda would be launching this car first there followed by India. And the good news is that this Brio derived compact sedan would debut in Thailand next month. Before its official launch, Honda called in a media briefing wherein a lot of information was divulged out. And here is the list all the important details about the upcoming revelation.

  • Brio Sedan is 3990 mm in length! This simply puts an official stamp on the fact that it would qualify as a ‘small car’ in India to attract lesser 12% excise duties. At this length, Brio sedan is 380mm longer than the hatchback.
  • Width (@1680mm) and height (@1485mm) are same as Brio hatchback.
  • Brio sedan has a 2407mm wheelbase, stretched by 62mm – a direct recipe to an expected increase in interior legroom.
  • Brio sedan would possess a boot of 420 liters capacity. This is 104 liters greater than Maruti Dzire (316 liters).
  • Inclusion of the trunk has increased 26 kilograms on the weight of the car, which doesn’t seem to be a significant increase.
  • To compensate for the extra weight, Honda has employed changes to the suspension of the sedan and new coil springs have been added.
  • For Thailand, Honda is retaining the 1.2L 90hp petrol engine which is also expected to be the case in India.
  • Thai Brio sedan would also be launched in CVT automatic transmission.
  • Honda’s engineers are claiming a fuel efficiency of 20.4kmpl
  • The Indian Brio sedan is expected to get a 1.2L diesel mill as well, specifications of which are not known yet.

All these details and the following pics are making us inquisitive about Brio sedan’s Indian foray. If you manage to spot one on Indian roads, do capture pics and all the details and earn money by sharing them with us (Know More).


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Honda Brio Sedan Pics


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