Road Trip to Ladakh on Your Royal Enfield? Here’s Why Bike Insurance is Your Best Friend

Ladakh is nothing less than a heaven on earth. That is why this place finds a place on every avid traveler’s bucket list. Ladakh, with its highest motorable roads along with stunning scenic beauty, offers a perfect combination of riding and absorbing the lovely vibes of the place. Especially traveling to Ladakh with your favorite companion –‘Royal Enfield,’ is an experience that is sure to leave you mesmerized!

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So, if you too have been planning to take a bike trip to Ladakh, ever since you got your Royal Enfield home, then let’s help you plan your trip-

  1. Best Route and Time to Travel

There are mainly two routes to reach Ladakh, namely the Srinagar route and the Manali route. Since, both the courses offer equally enchanting views, you may take the Srinagar route on your way to Ladakh, and the Manali route on your way back.

Via Srinagar Route: If you plan to travel during July and November, then taking this route will be a good idea. On this route, after crossing Jalandhar, you will pass Srinagar, Sonmarg, Drass, Kargil, and other sites before reaching Leh. To give your bike and yourself some rest, you may even stop to camp at two famous spots – Drass and Kargil.

Via Manali Route: If you are traveling between June and September, then the Manali route can also be a great option for you.This route will take you through Rohtang, Keylong, Sarchu, and Gya, along with a few camping sites like Keylong, Jispa, and Sarchu.

  • Cost

Major costs for you will include fuel and accommodation expenses. This journey will be roughly more than 3000 kilometers, and the bike usually averages around 30 to 35 kms per liter, so your fuel cost will fall anywhere between Rs.7,000 to Rs. 10,000. But going on your bike will save you the rental charge that you would otherwise have to pay.

Accommodation in Ladakh will cost you anywhere between Rs. 1,000  to Rs. 2,500 a day. Furthermore, since you will stop at multiple places for meals during your bike trip, your food cost in a day may fall anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500. Also, make sure that you keep extra money with you as there will be several permits and miscellaneous expenses to meet.

  • Things to Do Before Setting Out

After deciding the dates for your travel plans and the route you plan to take, make prior arrangements for a few things which should include the following-

  • If you plan to take the Manali route, then get your Rohtang pass, and other inner line permits that you would need
  • Since you’re planning to travel on your Royal Enfield, make sure that your bike is appropriately serviced and is in upright condition. Also, check if your bike insurance renewal is pending or not. In case if your policy has expired, then go online and get your bike insurance renewal done
  • Book your accommodation well in advance to avoid any struggles related to it. Online booking will help you in comparing tariffs and will ensure that you get the best deal
  • Next, check the road conditions online once before setting out. This can save you from adverse weather conditions, which may otherwise cause you troubles later
  • Things to Carry

To be well prepared for any unexpected challenges, make sure to be well packed. For this,  pay heed to the following things-

  1. Since you may not have access to the internet for help, therefore, carry a map that can keep you on track.
  • Carry all necessary documents like permits, id proofs, licenses, and PUCs handy with you as you may need them any time.
  • Past Tandi, along the Manali route, there are no gas stations. So, you can fill a few gallons with petrol from this point, for your journey ahead.
  • Also, carry all essential equipments like power bank, rechargeable torches, first-aid kit, swiss knife, and other such things.
  • Traversing the roads on a bike means you will also need proper bike gear with you. So, carry a helmet with protective visor, spare tire, puncture repair kit, riding gloves and goggles among other such things.
  • Tips for Biking
  • Avoid performing any stunts or over speeding, as the roads get narrow or tricky at places
  • Learn to fix a flat tire before going on a bike trip
  • Stay hydrated and take enough refreshment breaks
  • Also, wear bright colored clothes to make yourself visible from a distance
  • To meet with any contingency that may come up, make sure to carry enough extra cash with you.
  • Get Your Bike Insured

One of the most important things before heading out on your Royal Enfield is to ensure that your bike is adequately insured. Having bike insurance means remaining financially covered against challenges that may otherwise cause a dent in your pocket.

Moreover, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy will compensate you for loss or damage to the insured bike, for third-party liability or costs arising due to personal accident of the owner-driver. Also, if you take such long bike rides frequently, it’s a good idea to buy add-on benefits like roadside assistance, consumable cover, and third-party property damage cover.  

Most importantly, before going for such trips, get your bike insurance renewal done in case it is nearing its expiry date. Renewal can be done online very easily these days. So, keep worries off your mind by planning and preparing well for your trip. Have a terrific road trip to Ladakh on your prized possession!

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