Motorbash had carried an article previewing the Skoda VisionC a few days ago. The VisionC finally had its world premiere at the Volkswagen Group Night on 3 March at Geneva, Mladá Boleslav.

The next stage in Skoda’s design language was showcased through a coupe concept – a first ever coupe for Skoda. And it was as green as a vine snake every which way.


The five-door coupe is powered by a CNG/gasoline bivalent 1.4-liter turbocharged stratified injection engine capable of 108 bhp while drinking petrol. While on CNG, the coupe consumes just 3.4 kg (5.1 m3) CNG per kilometer, equating to CO2 emissions of 91 g/km, meaning the green one already meets the stringent European EU2020 emissions target of 91 gram of CO2 emitted per km without resorting to any time-travelled sci-fi technology from distant future. The ‘Vision C’ just uses today’s conventional drive technology and satisfies emission standards a good 6 years from now.


The VisionC concept comes with modern modular technology, low weight, and optimized aerodynamics for responsible individual mobility and provides plenty of room for four people and their luggage. Forget what it offers on the inside, it is the aggressive style that will form a basis on Skoda’s upcoming cars. The fact that Skoda is interestingly spreading this news with the Indian media does share an Indian angle with the VisionC concept.


The VisionC is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform underpinning the current VW Golf, Skoda Octavia, and the Audi A3. Size-wise, this five-door coupe would fit between the mid-size Octavia and the larger Skoda Superb; that is if it gets into production. A hopefully speculative 2016 launch is being bandied by journos and admirers, but nothing substantive from the reticent Czech up until the time of writing this report.

Skoda VisionC Pics:






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