Launched in 1986, Tata’s 407 has been one of the largest sellers for the company. It has a market share of more than 75 percent in its segment. 

The Light Commercial Vehicle has remained more or less the same and this is, for the first time, a fairly radical (in terms of its looks) change that is coming after almost 27 years of its existence. The front of the mule looks more contemporary with a bigger grille, wider headlamps with clear lens integrated side blinkers and a chrome strip just over the company’s brand ‘T’.


The headlamps and side indicators appear integrated but as far as we remember seeing them, they are two disjoint units ensuring cheaper serviceability. The bumper also is more beaded and modern. The interiors are also expected to get more comfortable.

But the most important change might be related to its engine. Apart from this mule, we have also spotted another test mule of 407 with current looks which might be testing a new engine or better tuned version of the same engines.


The current 407 is available in diesel and CNG options which also includes a BS4 complying engine which was introduced in 2010. Tata might be looking at increasing their exports to different countries with these newer variants of 407.

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