Spied: Here Comes the Tata Vista Quadrajet 90 With Manza’s Dashboard; Launch Expected Soon

Tata has been trying a potpourri of whatever it can. They are on the verge of launching a 75PS version of Manza Quadrajet along with a refreshed ‘club-class’ lineup

Now, this scoop speaks at the top of its voice that they are working on a 90PS version of Indica Vista Quadrajet. This car was spied on Pune Bypass road cutting across the highway. Tata wants to pronounce the numbers ’90’ signifying 90PS of Quadrajet engine.

Here is the ‘Quadrajet 90’ decal

This was the ZX variant marked with ‘ZX90′ at the back loaded with ABS. ‘Quadrajet 90‘ was mentioned at the left wing of the car. Currently Tata offers Vista with 4 engine options/tunes.

  • 1.2L 65PS Safire petrol
  • 1.2L 90PS Safire Petrol
  • 1.4L TDI Diesel
  • 1.3L 75PS Quadrajet Diesel
Now this Quadrajet 90 would form another option and would sit at the top of this lineup. It is powered by the same Quadrajet engine from Fiat in a better tune and comes with VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo). The current 75PS Vista comes with an FGT (Fixed Geometry Turbo).
The most important change one of our readers shared with us is the Manza dashboard this Vista is carrying! Look at the pic above and you would notice that the console is now rightly placed at its proper position.Hope Tata offers this on all Vista’s in future.
The interiors looked a little refreshed and we expect better suspension from this Vista to carry out that extra power with better poise. The sad part is that it appears that it will get 14 inch tyres as we can make out from these pics. There is usage of chrome almost everywhere right from the front fascia to the windows to door handles.
More Pics @ FaceBook

Vista Quadrajet 90 is just around the corner and we expect it to be priced at a premium of around 60-70k from the existing 75PS ZX variant. 

So that makes this our 3rd scoop of Vista in recent times. We carried out an exclusive scoop of a Vista carrying the CR4 diesel engine which is expected to replace the current TDI diesel engine. Then we also spotted an ‘SPOWER’ed Vista in Pune.

Would you buy this alleged ‘Hot Hatch‘ which now comes with added power and hopefully spruced up excitement. The only other options you have currently are Punto 90 and i20!

For more spy pics, head over to our official FaceBook page.

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6 thoughts on “Spied: Here Comes the Tata Vista Quadrajet 90 With Manza’s Dashboard; Launch Expected Soon”

  1. Sad that Tatas are just resorting to gimmicry. Every now and then add a little here ,take out a little there and expect the citizens to come and waste their money. No wonder they are not able to get the numbers. Remember the protected decades. they were the only diesel vehicle makers. T-day they have become totally unimaginative. Since the last two years everyone is making so much noise about their products and the new technology they are bringing in. And the great house of TATAs brings out this apology.Where is the auto trnsmission version or a cross over version? It is not enough to make some splash in auto shows. At this rate they will also become like HM or such other companies who faded away.


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