Tata Safari Storme is the only all-new product coming out from the house of Tata Motors’ for some years now. It did create a hype of its own prior to its launch.

But because of the tremendous delay (of 5 years!) many people lost interest in the SUV. And with new more contemporary SUVs hitting the market, it costed Safari Storme dearly. The potent SUV from Tata is doing just about less than average monthly numbers but it is the most regarded car in the arsenal.


Gradually, Tata is also pushing Safari Storme over Aria (more aptly its the reverse of it!). Currently, Aria can be had for a cheaper price tag than Safari Storme, however, Aria has a wider price band. Nonetheless, as has been in the news for sometime now, that Safari Storme is being readied with a more powerful engine and better features, we snap this Storme’s mule somewhere in Pune.

It is a Right Hand Drive more powerful version of the Safari Storme. There was a ticker at the front windshield which read “400Nm BS IV”! There were some other pointers put up on the test vehicle, one of which read some date which mentioned Dec-2014.


Current Safari Storme produces 140bhp and 320Nm from its 2.2L VARICOR diesel motor. This is the more powerful version of the same engine which does duty on the international Aria. In its new form, it produces 155-160bhp of power output and a massive 400Nm of torque!

Unfortunately, we could not peek inside to check out the transmission of this mule, it may or may not be the 6-speed Automatic tyranny that Tata is testing for Aria (at least). Other than that, we do not see anything different in this Storme test mule from the outside. Meanwhile, Tata is also preparing a Limited Edition Safari Storme based on the TV Series “24” which is slated to be launched soon.

A more powerful Tata Safari Storme; Will you buy one..?

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