SPIED: Mahindra’s Next Shot at EcoSport – S101 Caught Towing a Genio; Reveals Front Grille, Bumper

After the not so encouraging response received by a fairly well priced Quanto, Mahindra is preparing their second shot in the sub-4 meter space, this time more seriously. 

Mahindra-EcoSport-Rival-S101-Compact-SUV (1)

Codenamed as S101, this compact SUV will be a direct rival to EcoSport and considering the response Ford has received, Mahindra will have all their tongues out! In a latest development, one reader of Motor Vikatan caught the S101 yet again 87 kms away from Chennai but in an interesting combination.

Mahindra-EcoSport-Rival-S101-Compact-SUV (3)

The tiny S101 was spotted towing a Genio pick-up. To plain simple eyes, it would appear that Genio might have been accompanying S101  on its regular tests and might have had some glitch and S101 would just have been pulling it to its destination. However, there are all the chances that Mahindra might be out on the roads testing something for S101, possibly the maximum pulling capability of S101 or the load S101 can take.

Whatever it is, in these times company’s have understood that launching a below par sub-quality product will not win them customers and exhaustive testing is the name of the game now. What is more interesting, though, is the fact that the S101 has now shed some of its clothes and it reveals some of its body parts.

Mahindra-EcoSport-Rival-S101-Compact-SUV (4)

As a first, it reveals the high perched grille which resembles EcoSport’s and the front bumper which carries two air dams. Let us remind you again that the headlamps and indicators at the front and rear are dummy parts and will not be part of the final product. The car is still missing the rear bumper for some unknown reasons. Also note the interesting looking alloys. The tyres appear to be regular 14 inchers as they are smaller than Genio’s.

Mahindra-EcoSport-Rival-S101-Compact-SUV (2)

We understand that S101 is expected to carry newer breed of engines that Mahindra is developing but what remains a big question mark for now is the expected launch timeframe. The earlier Mahindra launches it, the better are their chances of making S101 a hit.

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