We always thought the earlier-gen i20 never looked outdated, still Hyundai replaced it with the current one which looks younger, agile and sharper. 

Next-Gen-Hyundai-i20-spyshot (1)

But that has been the case with Hyundai! Contrary to some manufacturers that keep on dragging products till the earth completes hundreds of revolutions around the son, Hyundai believes in proactively changing its models.

The good thing about the Koreans are that the newer variants look completely different and much better with each iteration. Now, interestingly, we have a set of pictures from Korea, the home of Hyundai, which appear to be the next-gen i20. It has been in the news for sometime that, Hyundai has started working on the next-gen i20 and here are the roaming proofs of the same.

Next-Gen-Hyundai-i20-spyshot (4)

Upon first glances, this new i20 appears to be larger with a bigger wheelbase. So, the next question is, will the Indian version actually be larger. Considering that the current i20 already sits at a length of 3995mm, further increasing will take the length over 4000mm which will take it over the magical ‘small car’ excise duty definition in India.

Next-Gen-Hyundai-i20-spyshot (5)

No further details are available apart from these claimed spyshots. For now, Hyundai is busy preparing their Next-Gen i10 for the world including India. They will unveil the new i10 at Frankfurt Auto show in Germany. So, will we get to hear any new details on this new i20 as well?


Pic Credit: Blog.naver.com





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