Spied: Tata Restarts Testing 40 kmpl Nano Diesel; Launch Next Year

Back in April-May 201, we saw first ever scoops of diesel version of ‘THE‘ most awaited car in India , Nano Diesel. We also supplied exclusive spy shots of the car revealing many details. 

Soon after, Tata stopped testing Nano diesel out in the open. Now, with this scoop from Burn Your Fuel, Nano diesel is back into limelight and this is possibly the same car which we had spotted. We see a couple of protrudings at the back. What do they signify is best known to Tata for the time being.


There appear to be telescopic boot-holder visible from the pics but there is no visible boot hatch. Tata Nano would be powered by World’s smallest 800cc Turbo Diesel engine, with the Turbo-Charger being sourced from Honeywell.

Though we are still far from the Nano diesel, but chances are that we might see it in our showrooms somewhere around middle of next year. Till then we would keep you updated about all the advancements about this magical 40kmpl car, like we just did!

You can check our earlier exclusive scoop of Nano Diesel here. Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry and can not wait, Tata is also preparing a CNG version of Nano which is expected to go on sale very soon.


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Source: BurnYourFuel

Tata Nano Diesel Pictures


4 thoughts on “Spied: Tata Restarts Testing 40 kmpl Nano Diesel; Launch Next Year”

  1. Is it any possibility to launch tata nano diesel car before this 2012 year diwali? Is it any possibility available in power steering, 1000 CC? Really, I want to purchase this car on immediately whenever it is launch. I am waiting for positive reply from tata nano diesel car’s official person in this regard.

  2. Will Tata launch Nano in LPG version ? because in chennai CNG is not available.I cant wait so long for diesel version.


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