Tata’s MUV Venture was touted to be a deal maker for the company and the company expected to put a dent on the petrol-only Omni’s sales. 

However, the truth did not take much of a time to sneak out and the result was – there was no competition at all! That was partially also attributed to the fact that Venture’s sales were limited to only the BS3 cities because of its older diesel engine.


Now, amidst speculations of Tata discontinuing the older Venture, one of the dealers here in Pune denied the same, when we asked them. We are also unsure about the truth, but what we do know is the fact that Tata is busy testing the Venture in a new guise. The new Venture will come with Tata’s best yet CR4 diesel engine.


This CR4 engine is already doing duty on the Indica and Indigo and will soon find its place under the bonnet of Vista. This 1396cc diesel engine produces 70PS of power output and a peak torque of 140Nm. But the major talk of the town is its fuel efficiency of 25kmpl which puts it bang among the most fuel efficient engines in India.


With this new engine, Tata will be able to sell the Venture in all the major BS4 compliant cities of India. We expect the launch to happen towards the middle of the year at around similar (or wee bit more) prices than the current Venture.

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