Surprise! Next-Gen Jazz to be Introduced Earlier than Next-Gen City

In a surprising move, Honda’s Hironori Kanayama, President and CEO of Honda Car India, has revealed that the Next-Gen Jazz will be introduced globally before the Next-Gen City.¬†

Very recently Honda has taken off Jazz and Civic from India. Jazz has really been one hatchback which has won accolades even from its critics. Axing of Jazz came as a surprise but it was attributed to the controlled sales it was subjected to.


In an interview given to Times of India, Mr Kanayama revealed that Next-Gen Jazz will debut next year. He was answering a question about the 5 upcoming products that Honda will be launching in India. He said, “First the new Jazz will be introduced globally. The City, which is a sister model of Jazz, will come after that“.

There is another very exciting product which he confirmed is coming next year which we will talk in a new article shortly.

So, all you Jazz fans, behold as Honda prepares to unleash the Next-Gen Jazz which is expected to carry a lot more localization but more importantly, Honda’s 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine.¬†Honda will unveil Jazz towards the end of this year at the Tokyo Auto Show and an early 2014 entry can not be ruled out. We can safely expect the Next-Gen Jazz to come with more bling and an even better tuned 1.2L petrol engine.


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