SUPRISE No 2: Honda Confirms Launch of Compact SUV Next Year!

A few moments back, we shared with you that Honda will be launching the Next-Gen Jazz in India next year. In the official announcement of Honda’s Tapukara plant on 2nd April, Honda gave hints that they are ‘researching’ on the Compact SUV for India, but they have not fixed any time frame for it yet.

However, in an interview given to Times of IndiaHironori Kanayama, President and CEO of Honda Car India, has revealed that along with Next-Gen Jazz, Honda will debut their utility vehicle….(guess what)… next year! In an answer to a question, he said, “Within the next three years, we will come with five big launches. The next-generation Jazz and an all-new utility vehicle will debut next year


Here comes another revelation:

He also specifically mentioned that the Jazz-Based SUV Concept that was showcased recently, is one probable option for India. Now, this is almost an official confirmation that Honda’s Urban SUV Concept will be the one that is all set to make way into India. It is ‘All-New’ and appears to be the most probable and suitable candidate for India, anyways!

How many of you will go ahead and cancel your Duster bookings, now!

Check out pics and all details of Honda’s Urban SUV Concept


6 thoughts on “SUPRISE No 2: Honda Confirms Launch of Compact SUV Next Year!”

  1. Thank God, Save people from buying the crappy Duster anymore and that too for that price :O rubbish. Way to go Honda, keep it up!

    • Mr. W110 i own two dusters and thats far far better than honda cars ……… i had city earlier i dont find any comparisson but still as you said let me tell u that renault is a 135 years old company and from last 7 years its engines are getting the crowns of F1 races…….. so better get ur brain some knowledge about a product and than say something…………kids like you owns honda…. but real people owns toyota, renault , nissan or ford…..

  2. hi iam mandeep from punjab know i have i20 sports but i want to looking a small suv so honda will lounch a jazz base model suv honda urban its looking very aggresive and bold looking. i realy appriate this model and iam waiting this model. after lounch this model i decided that which one is best honda urban suv or cheverolet trax. i will see that which have more fun to drive and afordable prize.

    • Hi Mandeep,
      Both the models have not been launched in India. We can only come to know about this once we know what both these companies will offer for us Indians, if and when they do…

  3. HI All,
    I own siara & duster and drive 1100 km in 3 days after I had taken RD. RD [Renault Duster] the car which I can compare only with Tata Siara. It gives very good stability while drive ~100KM/h.

    RD is comparable with few international model as below and pls. no childish talk.
    1] Hyndai Tucson
    2] KIA Soranto.
    3] Subaru Forester
    4] Volvo X60
    5] Toyota Rav4
    6] Mahendra world Suv W201 [NA]

    Even comparing to Honda CRV 2000+ models, is a disgrace to Renault Duster.


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