List of 7 Upcoming Car launches This September: 5 SUVs/Crossovers, 1 Sportscar & 1 Sedan [Updated]

Renault Duster

The festive season always brings a lot of interesting launches to pamper the customers. This year, being no different, the industry has a whole flurry of launches lined up. For the past few months, the automotive sector has been experiencing some really tough times, however things have started to show signs of improvement…

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Renault Starts Teasing Duster AWD (4X4); Promo Video Released; Launch Very Soon

Renault has started teasing the All-wheel drive variant of the Duster and we have just received a teaser on our personal email address. They are forwarding informative mailers to prospective customers, certainly a good way to reach out. And they have also updated a few tidbits at the official site.

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Duster 4WD Spied at a Dealership; Launch Very Soon

Renault Duster has been a great seller and has been clocking some real good volumes here in India. In fact, India is the 4th largest market for the Dacia-Renault Duster. The single biggest complaint which Duster lovers have always had was the absence of a four-wheel drive variant.

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