Volkswagen’s New 1.5L TDI Diesel Engine Features Honeywell’s Turbochargers

Honeywell has shared an official word (why so late?) that Volkswagen’s recently introduced new 1.5 liter TDI diesel engine uses turbochargers made by them. This new motor replaced two engines – the smaller 1.2 liter as well as the bigger 1.6 liter motor and is offered in two different power tunes. Volkswagen says that Honeywell … Read more

Fancy a 150PS Polo GT or Even Better 192PS Polo GTI? May Come to India!

Volkswagen, the world over is known not only for its sturdy cars but also for sporty hot hatchbacks. However, it was the exact opposite of it here in India when VW had the 3-pot under-perfomer 1.2L motors before the new 1.5L diesel was plonked recently. The word on the streets is that they are planning to bring in their more powerful Polo hatches to India – this time the real ‘Hot’ ones!

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Price Comparo: New Swift vs i20 vs Figo vs Punto vs Polo

The new Swift might not have added a great deal at the cosmetic front, but it is very much expected to keep clocking great numbers just as the outgoing version did, or probably even more!

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