Tata Bleeds With 2202 Nano and Only 5 Aria Sales for December

Despite huge eye-popping offers, the general buying mood of a common man didn’t seem to change the inevitable. 

Tata Motors seems to be the biggest sufferer with their monthly passenger sales halving to a total of 14,185 units as compared to 28,916 units in December 2011. Tata recently lost to Mahindra for the third spot in Indian passenger car space. With one of the most dismal performances last month, Tata must fear loosing even the current 4th spot to Toyota which is barely a couple of thousand units away.

Tata needs to Launch Nano Diesel soon. Click on image to know details

Their utility vehicle range Sumo, Safari, Storme, Aria and Venture sold a meager 2928 units combined which is more than 1500 units behind the lone performance of Duster. Their best performing cars – the Indica +Vista and Indigo + Manza are also going down and they sold total of 9055 units combined.

Nothing seems to be clicking for them and Tata’s new head Karl Slym has a huge uphill task lying ahead of him. The two biggest disasters for them have really been the cheapest Tata Nano and the costliest Aria Crossover. The tiny tot  Nano which was touted to be an infrastructure challenger for our country before its launch is not even close to fulfilling Tata’s production capacity. At 2202 units for the month of December 2012, its going nowhere and is an official dud.

With 5 units, Aria is an official Flop

The biggest disappointment for Tata has been the Aria crossover. Even the lower priced entry level variant of Aria is not adding upto its monthly tally and total sales of only 5 units for the month of December 2012 is easily the worst performance by any homegrown manufacturer product.

There is a lot at stake for Tata considering they have products placed at all segments. Its time they launch Nano CNG and Diesel. For Aria, they need to get back to the drawing boards and think afresh. Its clear and evident that there are no takers for an over 12 Lakh Tata product.


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Individual Car Sales Figures from Team-Bhp

8 thoughts on “Tata Bleeds With 2202 Nano and Only 5 Aria Sales for December”

  1. Till the time they shed the indica (indigo) design, they would not find many buyers. Aria on paper is a good product. However the desing/look is a major let down. It looks like a monster indica with the same grill and uber tall tail lamps. Tata – please do something…

  2. It’s the look..That Indica look on the Aria makes it look droopy and Sad.

    TATA needs to get out of those drooping , sad india vista , manza look and turn the Aria into a success story.

    • Yes, from what we know, Tata is working out on a huge product revamp, but obviously that would not mean axing of the current products.
      Products, quality and service standards are what they must improve and they are working on that…

      But they should hurry up!


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