Auto Expo: Tata Showcases Future – ConnectNext Concept; Pics & Details

Sainted mother of all clay models! The Tata ConnectNext creeping up on you in a dark alleyway has the design and color to spook the pants off you. People disembarking the vehicle, I should imagine, won’t be any comforting either. Thankfully, this ominous set of wheels is just a concept and Tata did the proper thing by showcasing it in the well-lit surrounds of the Auto Expo.

Tata-connectnext-concept-car-pics (2)

They are calling it ConnectNext. It is electric, they say, with a length of 4 meters and has flexible ‘spooning seats’ for 5 adults. Urban dictionary describes ‘spooning seats’ as a “form of affection, where the man lays front to back with the girl. They fit together like spoons.” Never thought descendants of the venerable J.R.D. will concoct something so steamy. Anyways, there you are – versatile spooning seats, Internet connection…let’s list it, like my editor would say:

  • Intelligent cooling and air diffusion system with layered/hidden vents.
  • Minimalistic active vehicle controls.
  • Drive-by-wire steering.
  • Steering-linked blinkers.
  • Active lighting beam to replace dimmer/dipper switch (these should be made mandatory by law).
  • Touch-enabled HVAC, infotainment/navigation.
  • Rear projected touch center stack and instrument cluster.
  • Integrated displays for all occupants.
  • Airplane like HUD for navigation, warning and guidance.
  • Transparent inner rear view screen (Mirror) with panoramic obscuration-free video streaming.
  • Inner rear-view screen transforms into augmented parking screen when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Integrated screens in seat back for 2nd row with wireless headphones.
  • Cloud connectivity to facilitate seamless home to car and car to home connectivity for rear passengers.
  • Video conference facilities.
  • Internal wireless hub to facilitate customized music, video streaming and access to cloud services.
  • Outside rear view mirrors replaced by cameras.

Tata-connectnext-concept-car-pics (6)

Just wait some more, says the Tata designers. The ConnectNext is how they foresee the future to be. Even if they can fit a wee bit of stuff from this to their upcoming cars, we are ready for a radical change in the way the company intends to tackle the show!

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