It is amazing what the military green color and a set of terrain-ripping tires could do to the looks of a vehicle.  The case in hand is a Duster (Dacia/Renault) of Romanian Army, and the occasion was Romania’s national holiday.

The country celebrates its national holiday on 1st of December each year with military parade and such like our own 26th January. We have our India Gate as the backdrop for the parade; they have their Arch of Triumph in their capital city Bucharest.

Renault-Dacia-Duster-Military-Army (2)

The Romanian Ministry of Defense paraded a special bulletproof Duster SUV, which has been modified for military use by Renault’s Romanian engineering center RTR (Renault Technologies Roumanie).  The RTR is a 330 hectare site to test vehicles and systems manufactured by Renault Group.

The military spec Duster is armored all around with additional under-body protection from shrapnel and rough terrain usage.  All this, of course, would have added to the weight of the vehicle and one could safely surmise that the engine under the bonnet would be equal to the task the vehicle will be put to use.  There is also a winch, which is removable and tow hook for light guns and carriages.


No army personnel carrier would be complete without a gun, so you have, what looks like, a 30 mm machine gun atop the car and supported by a roll cage bolted to vehicle’s chassis. The overall get up of the army Duster, undoubtedly, is impressive.

The parade also featured Dusters in liveries ranging from Police to firefighters.  Looks like Romania has taken their Dacia Duster to the bosom. Good for Renault.

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BTW, Renault is preparing their facelifted Duster for a show in the Indian market and you can expect it to make way into our shores within a few months.

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