Today MotorBash Turns One & We Are Celebrating; Join in The Fun

Exactly a year back, after a lot of permutation and combinations, I bought a domain and a hosting plan without knowing A-B-C about blogging. 

The name chosen after rejecting a lot many was, as you all know, M-O-T-O-R-B-A-S-H. I did not have any head or tail clue about how would I proceed and nor did I know how and where exactly will I put up my words. A lot of burning midnight oils and swollen eyes marked the first post along with many more that followed.

Those were some very inquisitive days when I, along with my wife, kept glued to Google’s Analytics and went ecstatic when that big figure read anything apart from ‘1’. Slowly and gradually, things started rolling and from I, MotorBash became WE. I roped in a team of freelance writers who shared the same passion towards those rolling wheels.


As of today 31st December 2012, we have published 1366 articles which averages to slightly under 4 articles per day. That, I feel is a pretty decent update rate. From a Global Alexa ranking of some 11 crore (the lowest I remember seeing), we have managed to pull upto a pretty decent ranking of 1.4 Lakh. From a handful of forced friends visits initially, we are graced by around 1600-1900 visitors daily who manage to swoop up total of around 7000 pageviews.

As I said, being a novice in blogging, I still do not completely get these figures but they do look fairly convincing considering that I have to take care of my full-time office as well. Yes, blogging is not my bread and butter and nor is it the way I want it to be. I love writing, riding and driving and that is what I understand best. This is the aspect which makes me less oriented towards the money part of it and more towards increasing a reader’s overall experience on the site.

We are still very new, we are still learning and do commit mistakes. But the biggest gift is when we receive your feedbacks which are sometimes acknowledging, criticizing and encouraging.  Do keep showering your love by visiting us and spreading us as much as you can,

We turn ONE today. Its our Happy Birthday and its time to rejoice.

And we are NOT celebrating MotorBash’s first birthday alone. We invite you to join the festivities and win prizes such as 8GB branded Pendrives or Bluetooth Headsets.

All you need to do is spread our word on Facebook! No lucky draw, no buying, selling, coupons, discounts etc. Then How?

Its a simple 3 step process

  1. Inform us via mail ( that you would be participating in this offer and wait for our acknowledgement.
  2. Like’s official FB page 
  3. Share our updates* on your wall till 10th January. That is it!

Wish us Happy Birthday and win sureshot prizes.


  • The person with maximum shares during this period would win a Branded Bluetooth Headset. (Total updates should cross 50%)
  • Everyone whose shares exceed 50% for the total duration would get 8GB Branded Pendrives.

*For all terms and clarifications, click here.


Saad Khan

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  1. congratulations to you and the whole team for turning 1, I know Motorbash would see exponential success even this year 🙂


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