Mystery Deepens! Is this Toyota Rush Carrying a Diesel Engine, for India?

Just yesterday, spotting of a fully camouflaged Toyota Rush has created quite a stir in the market. suggests that there was a Rush imported into India early this year.

Various hints point at the fact that it may NOT be Toyota which would be testing it here and instead some other company which may be carrying out its testing for reasons not complete known to us.

We have yet another spotting of Rush in Kolhapur, Maharashtra (courtesy Indianautosblog) getting fuelled up and we notice a few interesting bits here..


If you see closely, there is a Bolero Pick-up getting re-fuelled here in the background. Apart from that the third vehicle is the Vento. Now, Vento is available with petrol and diesel options so this could be either of these variants,  however, the Bolero Pick-up comes with a diesel engine only and we only see one dispensing machine here with a single pipeline for the nozzle. Though this is NOT a confirmation but doesn’t it hint at the possibility of this Rush getting fuelled with diesel and hence running a diesel motor..?

Considering that Rush only carries a petrol engine internationally, is Toyota getting it tested with a diesel specific engine here, for India..?

We also see some extensive test equipment attached to the car which is running from the engine, across the body to the rear wheels. Also notice that the bonnet is not completely closed which was also the case when this mule was snapped yesterday.

We understand that there have been reports which say that Rush may NOT get a diesel engine and all that, but we are just trying to make sense of this spotting of Rush here in India and in these real mysterious conditions.

What do you say..? Is Toyota really testing the diesel engine for our markets..? Or there is some other tale to this story..?

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