Down under in the Oz, Tata Motors has come with an awesome vehicle concept. Named the Xenon Tuff Truck, it is the off-roading avatar of what we know as Tata Xenon pick-up.

Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Concept-Australia (2)

The last time I spotted a Tata Xenon Truck was in my local market, with the “Uninor” livery on it. Hence, this product is definitely a far cry from the Xenon truck. It is also quite different from the atrocities we are sometimes subjected to from the stables of Tata Motors.

Nevertheless, we aren’t so fortunate either. The Xenon Tuff Truck is a Concept, and hence it won’t enter production. It was showcased at the National 4X4 and Outdoors Show and Fishing and Boating Expo in Melbourne in Australia.

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Tata Motors probably wants to wink and smile its way to success. We get to see a hint of parted lips here on the engine grille. However, the Xenon Tuff Truck is worth looking at. The satin gray colour spruces up things and Tata Motors names it “Arden”. The Xenon Tuff truck also sports more rugged bumpers as well as equally beefy off-roading tyres. We love the rims too!

Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Concept-Australia (3)

The concept is equipped with an intake snorkel, and on the roof there are Narva LED Xenon Off-Road lights. It is intimidating and certainly sets the ball in the park for other future Tata Motors models.

The design job was carried out right under the nose of Julian Quincey, chief designer of Walkinshaw Automotive. He felt that the concept was a good choice for undergoing production. However, he also added that the decision will depend upon the market demand.

Tata-Xenon-Tuff-Truck-Concept-Australia (4)

Tata Motors has recently announced their re-entry into the Australian market and their first product will be the Xenon which will be launched in October 2013. It will come with a 2.2L Euro 5 compliant motor and other features like airbags and bluetooth as well as USB as standard!

The question is if Tata Motors can do so good, why don’t they bring these concepts to life. We have already seen the Pixel & the Megapixel concepts but neither are they or any inspired product from these concepts is born yet!





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