What we know by now is that Tata Motors is working on an overhauled Indica Vista hatchback. We will, however, urge Tata Motors to say goodbye to the family name of Indica and present the new car the title of just the “Vista”.

To stem its rot, Tata Motors had unveiled a strategy called “HORIZONEXT”. It called for the regular launch of spruced up models. Under this strategy, Tata Motors is trying to turnaround its fortunes by refurbishing their mainstay model, the Indica Vista hatchback. There is a major probability that this new Indica Vista could be showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo and then unveiled few months later.


In a latest, Team-BHP has featured a spyshot of the new 2014 Vista completely uncamouflaged. The “Smiling Face” of the Vista had been retained from the older, so that customers could reconnect with the Indica brand. However, they seem to be passé now as Tata seems to be in favor of ditching them for a more aggressive, meaner look. This would help create an uncompromising, unrelenting brand image.

The new Vista will draw styling cues from the Tata Manza Hybrid concept showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo. Changes to the design and shape will take place at the front and the rear portions of the car, whereas the profile of the car will remain unchanged.

This 2014 Vista is expected to continue utilizing the current engine options which include the Fiat-sourced 1.2 Litre FIRE petrol and the 1.3 Litre Multijet Diesel in both the 75PS as well as the 90PS tune. Tata Motors also employs a BS3-compliant 1.4 Liter TDI mill which we feel will be replaced by the more modern BS4-compliant CR4 diesel mill.

MotorBash has the exclusive spyshots of Tata testing the CR4 Vista. Click pic for details

Whispers suggest that the five-speed Manual gearboxes will continue to do duty. But what we will love to see is an auto-box in the Vista line-up. Why not a diesel Auto then which is already in the rumors (More Details)? Frankly speaking we expected to see a comprehensive makeover to the car than just this botox shot!

Tata Motors is on an austerity drive and has undertaken strict quality controls in its overall production process, understanding the fact that their products are considered below par when it comes to the ‘perceived quality’ by the generic car buyers in the country. And based on this, everyone expects that the new Vista will be less taxing than its predecessors.




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