Upcoming Audi’s Entry Level A3 Sedan Spied Again in Mumbai

We have shared with you a few days back the spyshots of the to-be launched entry level Audi A3 sedan. A Team-BHP forum member RMan has clicked the Sedan in bare flesh once again up-close.

The spyshot reveals the rear end and the three by four rear profile of the sedan. The designers at Audi have done a remarkable job of flawlessly integrating the boot to their famous A3 hatchback and the new car definitely looks like a true blue Audi. The arching side windows maintain the typical look, and the chiseled rear end looks similar to that on the larger A4 and A6 sedans.


The reader has reported that the sedan is spotted almost every day at Sion-Chunabhatti stretch around 9 AM. We can be sure that the vehicle is under some hard-line testing to gauge its suitability for Indian conditions and will hit the market sometime in 2014.

The lack of LED tail lamps hints at cost cutting to price the sedan aggressively.┬áThe engine variants to be available in India are still unclear, we guess the following can make way into our shores…

  • 170hp 1.8L TFSI petrol
  • 2.0L TFSI in high and low power outputs
  • 150hp 2.0L TDI diesel with MT

Some enthusiasts have also pitched the idea of Vento’s 1.6L turbocharged engine making way to the Sedan to make a super affordable luxury sedan. However, it looks a far fetched possibility as of now.

New Audi A3 sedan

´┐╝With Audi drawing first blood in the entry level luxury sedan segment we know Mercedes is also planning their CLA (A-Class based sedan) soon in the Indian market. With these exciting options the dream of owning a luxury sedan may come true sooner for many!

– by Saravana Priyan

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