The next big compact thing after Honda Amaze in India is the Ford EcoSport. It has been awaited for a long time now but it appears that the launch is finally going to happen in June 2013. 

While Ford is displaying EcoSport in all the important cities of India, its test mules keep on getting spotted in and around Chennai. This new test mule, yellow in color, has been spotted yet again by agbenny, a Team-Bhp member. agbenny claims that this EcoSport was doing 120kmph speeds with relative ease and was pretty agile on the roads.


Interestingly, Ford has been caught testing this yellow color in Brazil as well as China. However, from their respective official websites, yellow colored EcoSport is not available in both the countries. Similarly, yellow EcoSport has been caught in India multiple times and needless to say, it looks sportier (Check Earlier Spotting). And the question remains – Will Ford launch it in India?

And hence this direct question to all of you – Will you prefer this yellow colored EcoSport, if it is launched in India?

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Pic Source: Team-Bhp




  1. I’d seen three ecosport near our area for testing b4 nearly 4 months. One was black anothr one was red and i didnt remember the color of third one. When ecosport was parked, it was a big eye catcher


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