Die Hard’s do not come without mass destruction and ferocious death defying scenes. But to this magnitude?

The very recently released Die Hard movie is a one-step over of all what you have scene. At least this is what the makers of the movie think they have served. Called as ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ it opened up on 14th February to the audience. The movie comes with a lot and lot of automobile destruction.

John Moore, director of the movie says as many as 132 cars were destroyed in one heroic car chasing sequence with Bruce Willis, driving his Mercedes G Class, romping other cars. The one complete action scene costed a whooping $11 ┬ám-i-l-l-i-o-n! According to Moore, 132 cars were complete wrecked and another 518 required a lot of work to be back and running on roads. They also drove over a Lamborghini…a real Lamborghini that is!

And Mercedes provided a few of their G-Classes and others to get ruined! Now that’s a big heart, we say! Here is a quick teaser of what all must have happened to the cars. We are tempted to watch the movie now.

Video is provided by Mercedes.



Source: USA Today





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